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How 180,000 Nigeriens Will Escape Starvation

ACF Begins Targeted Food Distributions as Conditions Deteriorate in Niger

In response to the ongoing crisis in Niger, the international aid organization Action Against Hunger (ACF) has begun distributing 3,000 tons of food to 153,000 people. Action Against Hunger has also begun treating 27,000 malnourished children in the area, and plans to increase its response by opening additional centers to treat children suffering from severe malnutrition.

The distributions, in the Maradi and Dakoro areas of Niger, follow Action Against Hunger's rapid assessment of the needs of the population. ACF will also begin distributing food in the Tahou region of Niger next week. The food being distributed includes cereals, beans, and oil, some of which was supplied by the aid agency Réunir.

"The situation in Niger is complex," states Cathy Skoula, ACF USA's executive director, "requiring both immediate responses to save lives today and longer-term activities to save lives tomorrow."

The crisis is also spreading to the north of the country where many Nigeriens have been fleeing in an attempt to escape the ongoing crisis-putting a strain on local resources and endangering both the local and displaced populations. In an effort to avoid a crisis in this area, Action Against Hunger is increasing support to its existing programs with additional food, medical supplies, and staff.

Action Against Hunger has also opened feeding centers in Mali, which is suffering from the same crisis as Niger.



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