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Typhoon Haiyan: The View From The Ground

Our staff is hard at work bringing relief to Typhoon Haiyan victims; here's what it looks like near Tacloban, one of the hardest-hit areas.

1. Above, a mother and daughter who evacuated their homes due to Typhoon Haiyan. They've relocated near the Tacloban airport.

Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

2. A woman walks part of the national highway that links the Tacloban airport with the city center.

 Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

3. Children stand on another part of the highway that links the airport and the city center. 

Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

4. A view of the Tacloban airport control tower, surrounded by families who have taken refuge there.

Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

5. The crowds of people waiting to be evacuated, just outside Tacloban Airport.

Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

6. An elderly man in a wheelchair sits with his grandchildren in a tent set up for evacuees in the Tacloban Airport. 

Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

7. Families and children evacuated receive basic first aid from government and international aid organizations. 

Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

8. Another family receives basic care from aid organizations in the Tacloban airport. 

Tacloban, Philippines. Credit: Daniel Burgui

9. A group of evacuated children wait near the Tacloban airport. 

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