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Action Against Hunger provides nutritious meals for children in Mongolia.
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Mongolia, the world’s second largest landlocked country, sits between China and Russia. In the 1990s, Mongolia transitioned to a market economy and democratic governance, but the transition has produced instability, with the withdrawal of former Soviet Union support leaving the country more dependent on international assistance.

Extreme poverty remains a major problem in Mongolia, affecting some 35% of the population. Climatic shocks and natural disasters have only exacerbated food insecurity in Mongolia, with harsh winters devastating livelihoods and livestock, claiming upwards of four million animals, or 15% of national stocks. Hundreds of thousands of these livestock losses are caused by hunger from insufficient fodder, making the animals more susceptible to disease. And livestock losses have a direct impact on human food security, with the depletion of food stocks instigating a massive migration out of rural areas and into urban centers.

Building Resilience to Climatic Disasters

Action Against Hunger has worked in Mongolia since 2001, helping vulnerable communities invest in strategies to overcome harsh living conditions while building resilience to recurring climatic disasters. Our efforts in Ulan Bator and the Uvs province have been focused on improving access to clean water, devising food security strategies, fostering long-term livelihood projects, and enhancing emergency response and disaster risk management in Mongolia.

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