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Central African Republic

Action Against Hunger Begins Lifesaving Programs in Cameroon

In the Central African Republic, tens of thousands of people are still living with the devastating impact of the coup in early 2013 and subsequent episodes of violence. While Action Against Hunger continues to work with those internally displaced by the conflict, we have also begun assisting families fleeing to safety in neighboring Cameroon. 

Malnutrition in Conflict: Treating the Psychological Causes of Hunger

Treating malnutrition in humanitarian crises, such as conflict and natural disaster, is far more complex than simply curing disease and providing children with therapeutic foods. Often, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)—which is common in extreme situations—hinders the success of treatment.

Dangerous Rise in Severe Malnutrition Cases Cripples Central African Republic

The number of children suffering from the most severe form of malnutrition in Bangui, Central African Republic has increased dramatically due to political insecurity and economic troubles in the nation. Action Against Hunger experts warn that the number of people suffering from severe acute malnutrition may spike further as we enter the lean season, which will last until late summer.

Escalating Violence Threatens Thousands in the Central African Republic

After suffering a coup in early 2013, the Central African Republic was left with a challenging humanitarian situation, with an estimated 1.5 million citizens in need of assistance. In December, conditions deteriorated further as escalating violence threatened the lives of thousands of people already living on the brink of survival.

After Coup, Economic Collapse: Instability Remains in Central African Republic

Bernadette, a grandmother in the capital city of Bangui, Central African Republic, cares for her granddaughter, who is being treated for malnutrition at an Action Against Hunger supported health center. Bernadette is staying with her granddaughter through treatment while her daughter, the little girl’s mother, keeps working—they cannot afford to lose what little income she brings in for the family.

3.2 million in need as Central African Republic health service collapses

"Some 3.2 million people in Central African Republic lack access to essential healthcare because of the looting of medical supplies and the flight of many doctors from their posts after a coup in March that was followed by persistent widespread violence, aid agencies said. 'Inevitably, when there are no services, people seek alternatives,' said Alain Coutand, Director of Regional Operations at Action Contre la Faim [Action Against Hunger], an INGO responsible for treating malnutrition and implementing water, sanitation and hygiene programmes in CAR.

After Coup, Crisis: Picking Up the Pieces in Central African Republic

Following the coup earlier this year, the entire population of the Central African Republic is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

C. Africa in grip of 'severe humanitarian crisis'

"Relief agencies in the Central African Republic warned on Thursday that the entire population of the poor, landlocked nation faced a serious humanitarian crisis after a coup in March. 'The whole population of the Central African Republic, 4.6 million people, is affected by a severe humanitarian crisis in the wake of the coup d'etat and the political instability that followed,' said a statement signed by a dozen groups including Action Against Hunger and Save the Children."

No Hospitals to Help Victims of Violence In Central African Republic

Last weekend, violent clashes once again shook the Central African Republic. In the capital, Bangui, and in the region of Bossangoa, the population waits for stability and emergency aid. Bossangoa is now a ghost town: half of its inhabitants have fled, fearing for their safety, and are living in unsafe makeshift camps. The area has been completely looted, including the therapeutic nutrition center where Action Against Hunger teams had been treating severely malnourished children.

When Food Prices Spike: Restoring Normalcy in the Central African Republic

After a coup last month, the Central African Republic is still experiencing violence, and food prices, which are typically unstable, have been made more volatile by recent events. The recent upheaval has not helped the high rates of malnutrition and food insecurity typically found in the Central African Republic.


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