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US increases aid to Central African Republic amid new surge of violence

"The US has announced it is to increase its humanitarian aid to theCentral African Republic (CAR) by $51m (£30m) this year, bringing the total funding to $118m (£69m). The state department said the new allotment was aimed at people living in CAR, as well as those who have fled to neighbouring countries.

9 reasons why gender matters when improving global nutrition

"Interventions to end hunger and malnutrition often focus on women.Our panel explore why...Saul Guerrero, operations director, Action Against Hunger UK, London, UK, @ACF_UK...'Focusing exclusively on mothers is unfair, but 

Malnutrition in conflict: the psychological cause

"Treating malnutrition in humanitarian crises, such as conflict and natural disaster, is far more complex than simply curing disease and providing children with therapeutic foods. Often, post-traumatic stress disorder – common in extreme situations – hinders treatment and its success.

Coping with stress: can mindfulness help?

"...Development agencies are joining the revolution. Over the last three years, I have led mindfulness workshops at Action Against Hunger UK, as well as at our regional training centre in Nairobi and at Save the Children's compound at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. From these experiences, I can see the need for using mindfulness to help overworked, stressed and sometimes depressed or traumatised humanitarian workers. And there are signs the approach is being adopted more widely.

Rooting out food waste

"When eco-chef Tom Hunt chops a chilli pepper, he gently tugs out the stalk (instead of slicing off the top) then shakes out and saves the seeds: not a sliver is wasted. This is what Hunt calls 'root to fruit' cooking and he says that if we want to help tackle food waste, celebrating the whole fruit is one way to start...Hunt has also set up the Forgotten Feast, 'a roaming restaurant that supports the ugly, the unwanted and the unloved' by taking food that would otherwise end up in landfill and serving it at pop-up restaurants and events.

Sid Meier games Humble Bundle raises $1.7m in first two days

"A generation of players grew up on Sid Meier's games: Pirates, Railroad Tycoon and particularly turn-based strategy series Civilization, which remains a going concern in 2014. Now Meier is the focus for the latest games deal from Humble Bundle, a company that specialises in choose-your-own-price deals for collections of PC and mobile games. The Humble Sid Meier Bundle launched two days ago on 4 Fe

Typhoon Haiyan: fears not all survivors have been reached

"There's an urgent call now for us to monitor the movement of foreign aid funds for [the typhoon] so they will go exactly where they're supposed to: to the survivors," Richard Moya, the budget undersecretary and chief information officer, said in a statement, announcing the creation of a website to facilitate such scrutiny.

The Philippines government said more than $270m in foreign aid has been pledged –although Action Against Hunger warned this weekend that promised donations often fail to materialise after natural disasters.

Typhoon-ravaged Tacloban sees first signs of international aid effort

While the World Food Programme was able to distribute rice to nearly 50,000 people in Tacloban on Wednesday, the agency said in its Twitter feed that the challenge was now "getting food from Manila to the people who need it most".

"The logistical challenges are still enormous given the scale of the disaster," said Alvaro Villanueva, of Action Against Hunger. "Access to the worst-affected areas is extremely difficult given the extent of the damage and the geography."

Mali recovery hampered by poverty and food insecurity

"Alousseini – whose two youngest children are malnourished and receiving sachets of Plumpy'nut at the centre from the World Food Programme (WFP) and Action Contre la Faim (ACF) – has a personal story that embodies much of the history of Mali's conflict. Driven from Gao long before the war by poverty and food shortages, she and her family moved to Benghazi in Libya, where her husband found work."

Has Twitter killed the media star?

"Our social media strategy was having a real and immediate impact in terms of engaging policy makers with the index. We had carefully targeted key influencers on Twitter and key bloggers...In none of these cases could we find any obvious link to traditional media. There had been no Canadian press release, Dutch or Irish media coverage.


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